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  • Next Generation Computer Defense

    Prevention • Detection • Response

Prevention • Detection • Response

Daily Safety Check was originally created to protect high-risk banking systems, and today their technology protects over $3 billion in assets. The founders of Daily Safety Check realized that the same technologies and methods used to protect banks, which are constantly under attack, could be adapted to protect home and small business computers. Any top quality security system has principles, whether guarding a high risk computer system, or protecting a building, or even bodyguards protecting the president: prevention, detection and response.

Next Generation Computer Defense

We use our computers every day to communicate, connect with family and friends, share ideas, work, finance and keep up with the world that’s changing in front of us. What if you woke up one day and your information or data was stolen or compromise by internet criminals?

Are you Secured?

Millions of people have viruses on their computers right now and have no idea that their passwords, financial information, and data have been compromised. That’s because computer virus protection is not enough.


Who We Are

Daily Safety Check is the next Generation of Computer Protection. We invested time and money to create something that would provide web protection, 24/7 advanced monitoring agent, bank-strength security, malware protection, weekly reports, and real-time monitoring for hacker and attacks.


Top 4 myths of home computer security

  • Myth 1: If I have antivirus software installed, then I am safe
    Reality: Antivirus is only a small part securing any computer.

  • Myth 2: I don’t need to worry. I don’t have anything but music, photos and videos on my computer
    Reality: Hackers are increasingly focused on home computers.

  • Myth 3:Cybercrime isn’t any worse now than in the past
    Reality: Cybercrime is up sharply in the last year, and getting worse

  • Myth 4: I would know if I had a virus on my computer
    Reality: Most viruses and malware don’t slow down or crash your computer.

Our System Has Powerful Features

  • Advanced protection– beyond antivirus

  • Real time monitoring for intruders

  • Alerts and help if you are attacked

How It Works

Daily Safety Check gives you bank-strength security for your home computer. Just like a high-risk banking system, Daily Safety Check uses layers of security to ensure you are safe. Modern malware can watch your computer for months, building a profile of your passwords, finances, sensitive documents and identity

State of The Art AntiVirus

Every computer protected by Daily Safety Check Home Edition automatically includes Bitdefender Antivirus!

Vulnerability Management

Daily checks and updates security & firewall settings.

Real-time Monitoring

We look for signs of an attack, even if that threat isn’t protected by antivirus software.

Help if you are attacked

Daily Safety Check has security professionals standing by 24 hours a day to help defend your computer.

Email alerts

Real-time email alerts in case of an attack. We will make sure that you’ll never be caught unaware again.

Real-time response from security professionals

Assess the threat to your computer and provides computer forensics to understand what was compromised.

Satisfied Customers

"I renewed my subscription to the DSC home edition and during the last year I did not have ONE, not ONE issue with viruses, malware, spyware or anything else. I've had Norton, McAfee and many others and not a single one protected my computer the way DSC has. Get this! You will be glad you did."
Aimee Schwab Ohio
"I purchased DSC Home Edition two weeks ago and it downloaded so seamlessly. I never knew it was even doing it's job until I got my first weekly report. My 2nd report just came and thus far nothing has gotten through. Previously I was having to clean up from 5 to 15 viruses per week. DSC is a great product. I hope & trust they'll stay ahead of the hackers."
Leonard Lindell Illinois
"Incredible service and a hard working group of experts. I can't believe that I had never heard of this group before. I've tried Norton and McAfee and compared to DSC, they are worthless. Daily Safety Check all the way!"
Mark V. Missouri
"After trying various security suites I have finally found DSC, the perfect solution for my PC protection. Thank you very much."
Joao Correa Filho Minas Gerais, Brazil
"Incredible service and a hard working group of experts. I can't believe that I had never heard of this group before. I've tried Norton and McAfee and compared to DSC, they are worthless. Daily Safety Check all the way!"
James Parrott Florida
"I love your product! It has protected our home computers wonderfully! Good job! Thanks!"
Ellen Kelly Florida

The Daily Safety Check Experience

I bought this anit-virus based on this review since McAfee failed me to the point I had to get a new PC after only 14 months. Initially, I had some challenges getting it installed. It was going fine until an Adobe prompt popped up and stopped the installation, but after connecting with their customer service and digging deep to remove all of the pre-installed blocks to installing this software instead of the below par McAfee, it works. I actually had a series of pop-ups showing me a Trojan being blocked and I receive a weekly report of what has been going on. The CEO of this company told me most anti-virus chase the intruder around once they have entered, but Daily Safety Check works on blocking them from ever getting in. Highly recommend. – Chiera Michelle King

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Computer Security & Monitoring

Protect the privacy of data on your mobile, home and business computer and devices and assists with recovery if device is lost or stolen. Our products:

  • DSC Mobile Edition
  • DSC Home Edition
  • DSC Windows Server Edition
  • DSC Business Edition

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