Global Microsoft Hack

  A global ransomware attack was holding thousands of computers hostage on Friday May 12th . Hack hits telephone companies and hospitals, locking down computers while demanding a hefty sum to release the computers. Ransomware is malware that encrypts important … Read More

Over 1 Million Gmails Hacked

   According to the recent news, login credentials and other personal data linked to more than one Million Yahoo and Gmail accounts are reportedly being offered for sale on the dark web marketplace. The online accounts listed for sale on the … Read More

Hackers set of 156 emergency sirens in Dallas Texas

     On Friday April 7th, 18 minutes before midnight, every single one of Dallas’s 156 emergency weather sirens started going off.  Thousands of people flooded the Dallas 911 system, leaving people with real emergencies waiting on the line. After … Read More


Your apple may not be so safe after all, after targeting Windows-based computers over the past few years, hackers are now shifting their interest to Macs as well. The emergence of the first macro-based Word document attack against Apple’s macOS platform … Read More

Are You Safe Shopping Online?

As the holidays approach, millions of Americans will flock to their computer screens as a way to find that special hard-to-find gift, lower prices, or as a way to avoid crowded shopping malls. There are risks that consumers should be … Read More

Are Your Kids Smart Toys Safe?

On Black Friday 2015, a hacker broke into the servers of Chinese toy maker VTech and stole  the information of five million parents and more than 200,000 children. The data included names, home addresses,birth dates , email addresses, and passwords. … Read More

SECURITY THREAT! Using Outdated Computer Equipment Is Risky

You may feel like your saving money by keeping your old computer, but at what cost? Experts say newer technology will provide highly improved security. Having up-to-date hardware and software makes it more difficult — although not impossible — for … Read More

Cyber-Stalking (Don’t be a victim)

As the world becomes more dependent on technology, cyber crime has been increasing at an alarming rate. Although technology provides a lot of great benefits, it also can cause great harm such as cyber-stalking. I want to help educate others … Read More

DANGER! Predators Are Lurking Online

You never know who your talking to online, the internet has allowed predators to easily misrepresent and disguise themselves. This misrepresentation can lead to a dangerous situation when the predator lures a young person to meet with them in person. … Read More

The Perils Of Social Media

  Social media has changed the way we communicate with each other. Since the introduction of social media there has been a real disconnect off real-life conversations and real relationships. Here are a few negative impacts that social media can have. … Read More