8483012099_b962a0c004Last year the private sector spent an estimated $75B on security software and that is expected to increase 7% next year. With all the attention cyber security is getting one would think we are becoming more aware of the challenges faced and yet we are still seeing some of the largest security breaches of all time. Why is this?

Cyber security is clearly getting better at detecting threats, but the bad guys are getting more sophisticated as well.

As good as today’s cyber security software is, the biggest challenges businesses and families face in keeping their systems safe is still the human factor. It is estimated that business on average fall six months behind on keeping their systems up to date. Hackers are also turning to “old school” hacking techniques by actually calling individuals and gaining access via legitimate user IDs and passwords by posing as some form of help desk or support staff. This is true in both business and individual hacking attempts.

Following all of the security basics that most of us learned years ago still holds true today.

  • Don’t open a file that you don’t absolutely know you should be receiving (even if it is from someone you know).
  • Don’t visit sites that appear to be compromised.
  • Never give out your login credentials over the phone unless you are the one that called for support.
  • Keep your system up to date.

Keeping businesses and families safe was the reason Daily Safety Check was created. We are still as passionate today as the day we started and that’s why Daily Safety Check takes a proactive approach to cyber security by keeping your system up to date. We don’t want to see computer systems fall behind on software updates that compromise their security.

Sign-up or renew your Daily Safety Check software today and be a part of the growing community of the safest computer systems in the world.


photo credit: MS-DOS Green 1 via photopin (license)