20388390409_6f562348c6As the world becomes more dependent on technology, cyber crime has been increasing at an alarming rate. Although technology provides a lot of great benefits, it also can cause great harm such as cyber-stalking. I want to help educate others so that you do not become a victim of cyber-stalking.

Cyber- stalking is defined as non-consensual communication that causes fear and alarm, where the person uses the internet as a weapon to threaten and harass others.

Recent studies show that 60% of victims are single,white, females aged between 18-40, and most of their stalkers were Exs, casual dates or acquaintances.

Did you know all of us who regularly use the computer have digital footprints. These footprints are created by sending emails, buying from Amazon, EBay, iTunes, use online banking,and social media. In doing so we create digital footprints which can be picked up and followed by others. Most websites we visit leave “cookies” on our computer which hold small amounts of information about our surfing preferences.

If you suspect that you may be a victim of cyber-stalking, here are a few things you can do,

  1. Clean your computer. Have it checked for spyware and have some anti-spyware installed such as Daily Safety Check.
  2. Tighten up all your privacy settings.
  3. Change passwords frequently.
  4. Share very cautiously on social networks.
  5. Close your existing email and set up a new one.                                                                                                              Don’t underestimate the seriousness of cyber-stalking. Trust your instincts, if you fell uncomfortable, end all communications immediately. Stay safe.

aci XIII Interactivity via photopin (license)