7426730472_de1b924e9aYou may feel like your saving money by keeping your old computer, but at what cost? Experts say newer technology will provide highly improved security.

Having up-to-date hardware and software makes it more difficult — although not impossible — for the cyber criminals to steal your data.

One reason older equipment pose risk is that the manufactures tend to phase out their technical support over time. As a result, security upgrades do not apply anymore.

Banking online can be a security concern if your using old computer software. Some malware can hide and then take over a computer, operating it remotely and accessing stored passwords and other sensitive information.

Bottom line is get rid of the old computer equipment and upgrade. Then its very important that you get a security software on your new computer. Daily Safety Check is a great software to use. This software is multilayered to protect not only your computer, but your family. It is real-time monitored by security experts who are there to help you.

ungstruck Goldstar Computer via photopin (license)