Ransom-ware is a type of malicious software designed to block access to a computer system or steal your identity until a sum of money is paid. However there is no guarantee that paying the fine or doing what the ransom-ware tells you will give you access to your PC files again.  In some instances, ads for pornographic websites appear each time you try to click on a Web page.

You can avoid these cyber attacks and also protect yourself after and attack. Here are a few steps to take to defend yourself.

1.First you need to have an antivirus software and a firewall. Daily Safety Check goes beyond antivirus software.

2. Back up often. If you back up files to either an external hard drive. If you back up your information, you should not be afraid to just turn off  your computer and start over with a new install if you get a ransom-ware attack.

3. Enable your pop up blocker. Pop ups are a prime tactic used by the bad guys, so simply avoid them.

4. Disconnect from the internet. If you receive a ransom-ware note, disconnect from the internet so your personal data isn’t transmitted back to the crimanals.

Do not be tempted to give in and pay the ransom. Take these precautions and protect your self.

Photo Credit: vtechsquad9 via Compfight cc